"The Greatest Night In Pop" | Review

We watched it yesterday...the new documentary THE GREATEST NIGHT IN POP, about the making of the iconic "WE ARE THE WORLD" video event in 1985....Scott was kind enough to offer it up at his house (since I am the only human being on Earth or any other planet that doesn't have Netflix)...thanks so much, Scott, you're a mensch (Yiddish for "cool dude")!!!
Holy $#@!, did it live up to ALL the hype TIMES INFINITY!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVED every second of it!! Especially how they went into GREAT detail about the songwriting, planning, producing, and all it took to get to the finish line...my heart was pounding and I was in happy tears throughout the entire journey, what a RUSH!! A MUST-SEE for any and everyone but ESPECIALLY anyone who remembers the '80s and to whom all these iconic figures in music mean so much, and all of the SONGWRITERS, PRODUCERS, and people who work in the music industry!!
Of course, my favorite parts were any time my childhood chum Huey Lewis was on that screen, then and now...so humble and invested as he always was and always will be...he told me "It really was an incredible evening!" Prince totally missed out on a once-in-lifetime opportunity he was offered to participate in, but his loss was our gain because Huey Rose up and BROUGHT it!!
EVERYONE brought their A-Game and just KILLED IT...and it was just INCREDIBLE to have a front-row seat to the entire creative process of a true MIRACLE in music history!! All those LEGENDARY HUGE stars and BIG personalities and SO MUCH TALENT coming together for SUCH a good cause!! And some unexpected, funny things happened in between all the magic that you MUST witness yourself!
Hats off to Harry Belafonte, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and the "cast of thousands" of iconic artists who "left their egos at the door", per producer Quincy Jones instruction on the sign on the door, and to the tech crew and production staff who build this magic castle above and beyond anything anyone could have ever dreamed of!
Like Diana Ross, who cried at the finish line, "I didn't want it to end!"
I second that emotion, Ms. Ross. I could have stayed in that recording studio with all of them forever...

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