David Garibaldi Steps Down From His Drum Chair | Tower of Power

I'm sure many of you have read or heard that one of the most respected, influential, and inspirational names in music history, David Garibaldi, original and founding member/drummer of the iconic 55-year-old SF Bay Area funk band Tower of Power, has made the difficult and most importantly, WELL-EARNED decision to step down from his drum chair, unpack his bags, and move onto the next great chapter of his extraordinary life. Please read his beautiful exit essay to all of us, which brought tears to my eyes. Even if you have no connection to DG's legacy, I hope you will be as moved beyond measure as I was.


On a personal level, I would like to add a bit about David's exemplary character and what an amazing friend he has been to me over many years. Despite his non-stop touring schedule on the "Million Gig March", as he likes to call his Tower Of Power journey, David took the time to help me through my own "what is hip" replacement journey back in 2018, becoming what I liked to call my "#1 Hip Whisperer" since he had been through two of his hip replacements and survived a near-death train experience subsequently. If ever there was a true miracle in human form, it is David Garibaldi. I'd only met DG a few times, through my work with one of his TOP bandmates, who so graciously connected us at the end of 2017, and I will never forget DG's kindness, willingness to advise and support me, giving me even tough love at times, guiding me through the whole experience and offering words of wisdom that resonate to this day. Even though we have only communicated occasionally after I got to the other side, his warmth has never faded. He always cheers me on. I am humbled beyond measure. 


And even though DG's time was so limited between his tour schedule and devoted family life, he still made the time to participate in my little testimonial video for my SOLILOQUY EP at the end of 2022, you can catch his beautiful words of encouragement, and support at 4:27: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8VRoDtXY0Y


David, I wish you every happiness with the bright future I know you are embarking upon. Much love to you, Maria, and your family. Unpack those bags and enjoy your new life! We will all miss you on that TOP drum throne, but your legacy will live on forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always following yours and leading by example on how to live your best life and overcome every obstacle with grace, diligence, humility, and supreme talent. Godspeed, my friend!!

p.s. A shout out to my friend and another stellar, funky drummer Herman L. Matthews, who will once again be taking over the TOP drum chair until they find a permanent replacement...the band and legion of fans will be in great hands/sticks on the soul side of town!

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