Bonnie Raitt's Win for "Just Like That"

And "JUST LIKE THAT"...the Academy remembers what it used all to boil down to...the SONGWRITER and the ARTIST who bring a story to life through music...and how it is most magical when they are one and the same...
“I was so inspired for this song by the incredible story of the love and the grace and the generosity of someone that donates their beloved’s organs to help another person live, and this story was so simple and so beautiful for these times and people have been responding to this song partly because of how much I love and we all love John Prine, and that was the inspiration for the music of this song, telling a story from the inside,” Raitt continued. “I don’t write a lot of songs but I’m so proud that you appreciate this one.”
---Bonnie Raitt, upon winning "Song Of The Year" at the 2023 Grammy Awards last night.
Bonnie Raitt recognizes and is inspired by an unforgettable story....sometimes she covers another's interpretation...and occasionally writes her own beautiful song to capture that moment in time...
THIS is why I started playing guitar at 8 years old and singing since I was born. THIS is why I hid a transistor radio under the covers after my parents put me to bed and listened to KYA , KFRC and KDIA all night till I fell asleep. The SONGS. THE STORIES. THE MUSIC. THE VOICES.
Bonnie Raitt is 73. And I couldn't be more thrilled for her. My hero and mentor and one of the artists I am most honored to sometimes be compared to, and not just because we're both Lil' Redheaded Guitar Gals. I have always aspired to be like Bonnie. She tells THE STORY. HER SONG. HER MUSIC. HER VOICE.
I remember when Bonnie won all those Grammys back in 1989 for her album NICK OF TIME after languishing in relative obscurity and professional and personal struggles for decades, and the last one she held up and said, "This is for all the songwriters and artists who can't get a deal. Don't give up!!" I cried and never forgot that moment...I felt like Bonnie was speaking directly to me...and the timing of her winning "Song Of The Year" in 2023, when I just released my own new record SOLILOQUY and the critics are already recognizing what we set out to do, celebrating my SONGS and artistry the way the greats used to do...speaks VOLUMES and gives me renewed HOPE for the's NEVER too late...age ain't nuthin' but a number, indeed...62 is the new 73, lol!
I dare you not to cry while listening to "JUST LIKE THAT"...doesn't get much better than this...

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